Death, Life and Wrestling

Its funny to hear that people don’t like to think about death. I think about it everyday, I am grateful each morning I wake up. I fought in a cage, traveled overseas to strange places put my self in situations all the time where I have to face the reality of death.

I love the thought of death and do not think it’s something that should be feared because inevitable. I already know whats going to be on my tomb stone and the songs that are going to be played at my funeral. 

By no means am I ready to go, but I do accept the fact that we are all going to die and I am comfortable with it. Life is short enjoy it. 


In Coach Frasers blog he writes about death and life give it a read:

June 18, 2015


Death, Life and Wrestling

By Steve Fraser


Many people don't like to talk or think about death. Death can be a scary subject for many of us. However, the fact is death can be our best teacher about life. The simple reality that death is so imminent - makes life so precious. Without the contrast of death, as compared to life, life would have less importance. If we lived forever there might be less urgency to experience and cherish each day and each moment of life.


The truth is that at any moment we could breathe out and then never breathe back in. We never know when our last breath will take place and our time on this wonderful earth is up. No matter what we are doing right now we can be assured that someone has died doing exactly the same thing. It happens when one is eating or when we are sleeping or reading or driving or running. Death happens to babies and teenagers and people in their fifties - not just to the aged. 


Someone should tell us when we are young, "hey... make each day count - because you are dying!" It might be one month or one hundred years but it is going to happen for sure. It happens to the rich and the poor. It happens to men and women no matter what race, religion, or country you are from. We should realize that life is really precious, and each day, each moment should be experienced and cherished to its fullest. 


How many days do we waste with the thought that we will be on this planet for a very long time? What’s the big deal about wasting a few days in our lives? No biggie! We’ve got time. No hurry.


What sometimes keeps us from really going for it in life? What holds us back from relentless action and tenacious forward motion? Could it be fear? Are we living our lives in fear? Fear of failing? Fear of making a mistake? Fear of putting it all on the line and coming up short? Are we wrestling scared? Are we afraid to get tired or scored upon or injured? What is it?


Let’s get some perspective here. As is quoted in the book The Untethered Soul, by Michael A. Singer, “Walk outside on a clear night and just look up into the sky. We are living on a planet spinning around in the middle of nowhere. Trillions of stars are all around us and we are standing on one little ball of dirt spinning around one of those stars. Do we really care about making a mistake or doing the wrong thing in our quest?”


Think about how you might live each day if your angel came to you and said, "My friend, just know that you are being “called” and you only have one year to live.” How would you experience each of your last 365 days? How would you react to all of the people in your life and all of the people with whom you come in contact? How would you enjoy each day and each moment, knowing that your last days are clicking by? Would you fear anything? Would you hesitate or hold back in your actions? Or would you make every moment count?


Morgan Freeman's character "Red" in the movie Shawshank Redemption so aptly says "get busy living or get busy dying." We have nothing to lose by giving life our all - and everything to lose by not giving life our all. 


Let’s live with tenacity. Play and practice full-out. Have no fear, have no hesitation, and have no timid attitude. When you don't feel it, generate it. Only you control how you feel. Only you can take full action. Only you can go for it without any reservation. No excuses and therefore no regrets. 


I encourage all of us to live life with abandon! Wrestle with abandon! Experience life with abandon! Let’s let go of our fear and realize we have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You “do” know that… none of us are getting out of here alive anyway, right?  


And, as always...Enjoy the Battle & Expect to Win!!!