The Time is NOW

This is the time of year where everyone sets out to make big life improvements. The previous year didn’t go as well as you had hoped or, you may have regrets or things you still want to achieve. 

You can hope for hope for 2015 to be better, but that’s not exactly how it works. 

You can’t hope and pray for 2015 to be better, but you must act. 

I am all for positive thinking but nothing actually works until you do. We must take action and put the work in if we want things to be better, or different. The more you work, the more it will work out for you.  Start now? There isn’t a better time.

There is nothing wrong with picturing a future that that you want, its call creating a vision. This is what setting goals is all about. 


You create a picture in your minds so vivid that you can see all the details and then it start to feel real. Next you set goals to achieve that vision. You also set time-lines to achieve those goals. You set monthly, weekly and daily goals that move you closer to the vision of what you ultimately want to achieve. 

Don’t obsess over what has happened in the past or lose yourself in visions of the future. 

Create the vision of what you want then focus on what is right here, and now in front of you. Take action and do what you can to move yourself closer to your goals. 

Make the most of it, and enjoy yourself, it’s a process, things take time. Have fun, and enjoy the journey.


This moment could be all you have, it’s so much better to think that your next day is not guaranteed and be grateful for all that you have, then to have expectations and entitlements that go unfulfilled.