Building a legacy, movie night at OTC

Building a legacy, movie night at OTC


We have the theater reserved for 7pm Thursday December 3rd 

We are showing a favorite film of mine “I AM”


Park at the Bolder street entrance near the visitors center at the Olympic Training Center

I want to invite the entire Greco program. Current athletes young and old, veteran athletes, USA wrestling staff, coaches, volunteers and anyone who is apart of the wrestling family, or wants to be apart of the Greco program that lives here in Colorado, kids, parents, spouses family members bring them all. 

I may not have everyone’s email so please help me spread the word. Since I am planning this from Baku I will not be making calls so let someone, know about this and join us.



The Greco team is all over the world right now some in Finland and others in Azerbaijan training and competing. We will all be back by the 30th of November. That first week back will be a rest week for all the athletes that have been traveling.

Before me there were some great Greco-Roman US wrestlers. The teams I was on had awesome Greco wrestlers. The generation after me was apart of that amazing team in 2007 that won the world championships in Baku.


The goal is not only to be the best team in the world, it’s to be the best team in the world consistently. To build the legacy of Greco-Roman in this country. To build a program that others want to be apart of athletes, donors, media, sponsors and fans. We are moving in the right direction but there is still a lot of work ahead.

You build a legacy by cultivating the right culture, leadership, expectations, beliefs, mindset, relationships and habits before you ever step on the mat. Culture drives expectations and beliefs; expectations and beliefs drive behavior; behavior drives habits; and habits create this future. 


It all starts with building the right culture.

I love the sport of Greco-Roman, not only do I think it’s tougher, and more fun than the other styles of wrestling or MMA. I also think it’s a better product and more exciting, especially when we perform the way we did in Las Vegas at the world championships, fighting for every point and leaving it all on the mat. 

We may not have gotten the results we wanted but the attitude and effort was there. This is something we can build on.