Happy Thanksgiving from the Greco-Roman Team in Baku

What are you thankful for?


Thanks Giving is a time to spend with family and love ones, I pray you are doing that, or if you are reading this after thanksgiving I pray that you did that. Family is not perfect and times we want to avoid being with them but remember that that everyday is a gift from God and being able to do what you love to do is by his grace.


This thanksgiving we are away from home and immediate families.  For me that means I am missing my wife and children, face-time helps but missing them all the same on the holiday.


I am so blessed because I get to be with my extended family, all the sons and brothers of the Greco-Roman family that are here with me in Baku.

We woke to today to and went to the gym and trained. I am thankful that I had this opportunity to do what I love to do. I was on the wrestling mats working with elite US wrestlers training along side the best wrestlers from many different nations. 

This is the day we list all the things we are thankful for and reflect about how blessed we all are, so today I want you to think about what person in in your life this past year are you most thankful for and why?  

For me it’s my amazing wife Angie. She supports and loves me. She understands me and understands that I am on a mission to create a legacy in Greco-Roman wrestling in this country. She understands that we may not always get to be together on holidays. When we are back together we enjoy each other company.

What experiences are you most grateful for this past year and what have you learned?

For me it was the chance to lead the US Greco-Roman team in the world championships in the US. As an athlete I never got to compete in the worlds in the US in 2001 the worlds were scheduled to take place in NY City in mid September. On 9-11-2001 we all remember what happened in NY that changed the world forever.

I learned that I want our team to compete in the US every year. I also learned that the men on US Greco-Roman team are fighters and they will give everything they have on the mats, win or loose.

What life lesson have you learned this year?

I’ve learned and I am still learning to slow down and take time to make decisions. Think more about all the different angles I can attack a challenge. I personal pride on being a take action guy. If there is something I want I start attacking and figure out how I am going to attack as I get going. This past year I have really start planning and strategizing how I am going to attack more. I still what to move forward and take action, but there is always time to think and plan so at least I know I am heading in the right direction.

Take the time to be with friends and family that’s what’s important in life. Take time to be grateful for the people, the experiences and the lessons that come into your life.

I am grateful to be here in Baku with the US Greco-Roman team training and competing. We are just getting started.