Malar Cup Results From Sweden

Team USA having a great experience in Europe winning at a tough dual meet in Sweden before traveling to the tournament. This is exactly the kind of training the US athletes need to continue to grow and improve to reach our goals of being the best wrestling nation in the world.
— Coach Matt Lindland USA Greco-Roman head coach

Martinez, Schultz win golds as USA takes six Greco medals at Malar Cup in Sweden


VASTERAS, Sweden – Two young stars from Colorado won gold medals in the UWW Cadet division and the USA came home with six medals overall on the way to a third place finish at the Malar Cup of Greco-Roman on Sunday.

Jordan Martinez of Colorado Springs, Colo. won the gold medal at 54 kg and Cohlton Schultz of Highlands Ranch, Colo. was the champion at 100 kg in the UWW Cadet division.

Martinez, who attends Pine Creek High School and trains at the U.S. Olympic Training Center, went an impressive 6-0 for the day, including two pins and a technical fall.

Schultz, who is a freshman this year at Ponderosa High School and also works out at the OTC, won three straight matches to take the title.

The two U.S. silver medalists were also in the Cadet division, Alston Nutter of Fenimore, Wis. at 58 kg and Tyler Dow of Stoughton, Wis. at 69 kg. Both wrestlers had very impressive 6-1 records, only losing in the gold-medal round.

The two athletes winning bronze medals were in the Senior division, both members of the Northern Michigan University Olympic Training Site (NMU-OTS): Ty Pelot of Two Rivers, Wis. at 59 kg and Parker Betts of St. Michael, Minn. at 130 kg.

Pelot finished with a 3-1 record for the day, with a victory over fellow American Randon Miranda in the bronze-medal bout, 8-0.

Betts finished with a 1-2 record in a four-athlete roundrobin, with all of the matches by decision.

Overall, the USA team was third with 20 points, behind only the champion Huddinge BK club with 32 points and Team Nyland with 20 points, which won the tiebreaker by having more silver medalists.

"Our Cadets came to wrestle, with four guys in the finals and two champions. Fifty percent of the U.S. wrestlers have not competed overseas before. What a great way to start their international career! Nine senior athletes made it to the second day of competition. Every athlete had three to six matches. It was a total Team USA effort to earn third place as a team," said U.S. coach Rob Hermann

The U.S. Cadets won the team race at the Cadet division with 14 points. The U.S. Seniors were in fourth place on the Senior level with six points.

At Vasteras, Sweden, Oct. 31- Nov. 1

Senior champions

59 kg – Christoffer Svensson (BK Pan)
66 kg – Houssam Omar (Gallivare Brottning)
71 kg – Michael Widmayer (Germany)
75 kg – Andre Isberg (Varsbergs Bois BK)
80 kg – Bogdan Kourinnoi (Huddinge BK)
85 kg – Oskar Meggerle (Marsvinsholms IF)
98 kg – Emil Sandahl (HBK Bergania)
130 kg – Oskar Marvik (SP09)

U.S. athletes competing in the Senior division

59 kg - Ty Pelot, Two Rivers, Wis. (NMU-OTS), 3rd
WIN Mattias Poutanen (Turun Voimamiehet), pin
WIN Andrew Ibarra (USA), 6-2
LOSS Christoffer Svensseon (BK Pan), pin
WIN Randon Miranda (USA), tech. fall, 8-0

59 kg - Andrew Ibarra, Santa Maria, Calif. (NMU-OTS), 6th
LOSS Christoffer Svensson (BK Pan), 2-4
LOSS Ty Pelot (USA), 2-6

59 kg - Randon Miranda, Palmdale, Calif. (NMU-OTS), 4th
LOSS Shamil Mamatsuev (Belgium), tech. fall 0-10
WIN Dilo Abdi (Falkoping A0BK), tech, fall 8-0
WIN Emil Johannson (Hallsberts BK), tech, fall 4-12
WIN Dalton Roberts (USA), 7-6
LOSS Ty Pelot (USA), tech fall, 0-8

59 kg - Dalton Roberts, Fowlerville, Mich. (NMU-OTS). 5th
WIN Dilo Abdi (Falkoping AoBK), tech. fall 9-0
LOSS Shamil Mamatsuev (Belguim), 5-7
LOSS Randon Miranda (USA), 6-7

66 kg - Jamal Dearmond, Sacramento, Calif. (NMU-OTS), 9th
WIN Mikkel Lassen (BK Thor), tech. fall, 4-12
LOSS Andre Jonsson (BK Trim), 5-6
LOSS Carl Agren (Soderhamms BK), 1-5

66 kg - Hunter Kelley, Ray City, Ga. (NMU-OTS). 5th
WIN Isak Selder (Huddinge BK), in
LOSS Tomi Eronen (Lotkcan Painimiehet ry), tech. fall 6-14
WIN Elias Pettersson (Norrkopings BK), tech. fall 10-2
WIN Markus Ahtianine (Peraseinajoen Toive), tech fall 8-0
LOSS Joussam Omar (Gallivare Brottining), tech, fall 4,13

71 kg - Logan Kass, New Prague, Minn. (NMU-OTS), 5th
WIN Islam Katsiev (Bjornekulla BK), pin
WIN Zaurbek Nuriev (Sparvagen Wrestling), pin
WIN Vegard Strom (Ostfold Brytkrets), tech. fall, 8-0
LOSS Michael Widmayer (Germany), tech. fall 11-3
LOSS Pontus Bergstrom (HBK Bergania), tech. fall 10-2

71 kg - Ali Khan, Elk Grove, Calif., (NMU-OTS), 6th
WIN Simon Pettersson (AK 77), tech. fall 10-0
LOSS Artur Vardanyan (Sparvagen Wrestling), 2-8
WIN Ali Baber (Marsvinshols IF), 12-5
WIN Moneim Affane (Bjornekulla BK), tech. fall 10-2
LOSS Daniel Martensson (BK Pan), 8-0

75 kg - Michael Donato, Brooklyn, N.Y. (NMU-OTS), dnp/14th
LOSS Markus Fredriksson (Bjornekulla BK), pin
LOSS Andre Isberg (Varbergs Bois BK), pin

85 kg - Austin Chaon, Geneva, Ill. (NMU-OTS), 8th
LOSS Emil Johansson (BK Snar), tech. fall 1-9
WIN Mats Stovind (Kolbotn IL), tech. fall, 8-0
WIN Andre Castellan (Lorenskog Bryteklubb), pin
WIN Artuu-Petteri Klami (Kotkan Painimiehet ry), pin
LOSS Valiahdet Veeti (Team Nyland), tech. fall 10-0

98 kg - G’Angelo Hancock, Colorado Springs, Colo. (USOTC), 4th
WIN Kevin Baumann (SK Kadrina), 10-9
LOSS Pontus Lundh (Arboga AK), pin
WIN Jakob Brandt (Huddinge BK), pin
LOSS Leon Kessidis (Hunddinge BK), 0-1

98 kg - West Cathcart, Genesco, Ill. (NMU-OTS), 7th
WIN Viktor Gustavsson (Lidopings AS), pin
LOSS Leon Kessidis (Huddinge BK), tech. fall 0-8
LOSS Emil Sandahl (HBK Bergania), 5-6

130 kg - Parker Betts, St. Michael, Minn. (NMU-OTS), 3rd
WIN Walid Said (Sparvagen Wrestling), 7-2
LOSS Oskar Marvik (SP09), 2-8
LOSS Mattias Viitanen (Hskt-brottning), 2-3

Cadet champions
46 kg – Sondre Svarstad (Snogg Bryting)
50 kg – Nikolai Mohammadi (BK Thor)
54 kg – Jordan Martinez (USA)
58 kg – Vusal Karimov (BK Orion)
63 kg – Didrik Silverin (Kungsbacka BK)
69 kg – Erik Soini (Huddinge BK)
76 kg – Toutaeiv Aboubakar (Belgium)
85 kg – Jannis Kessidis (Huddinge BK)
100 kg – Cohlton Schultz (USA)

U.S. athletes competing in the Cadet division

54 kg - Jordan Martinez, Colorado Springs, Colo., champion
WIN Matthias Biorjna (Fauske Alteklubb), pin
WIN Timmy Skold (Norrtaikje), 6-0
WIN Erik Leikkari (Seinajoen Paini-Miehet), tech fall 9-0
WIN Anton Jaineskob (Gotteborgs Stadslag), pin
WIN Samuel Nyberg (SAIK-Sundsvall), 6-2
WIN Jussi Autio (Seinajoe Paini-Miehet), 7-2

58 kg - Alston Nutter, Fenimore, Wis.. 2nd
WIN Anton Holk (Marsvinsholm IF), pin
WIN Ferouz Shah (BK Orion), pin
WIN Oliver Eriksson (BK Loke), tech. fall 8-0
WIN Isak Bo Romes (Fauske Atleklubb), pin
WIN Dosjayev Magomed (Belgium), pin
WIN Mohammad Amiri (Orgryte BF), pin
LOSS Vusal Karimov (BK Orion), tech. fall 5-14

58 kg - Erik Spence, Elk Grove, Calif., dnp/13th
LOSS Lukas Hoier Jensen (BK Thor), tech. fall 0-8
WIN Aron Hervig (Lambertseter Bryteklubb), pin
LOSS Tobias Simonsen (Ostfold Brytekrets), 5-7

69 kg - Tyler Dow, Stoughton, Wis., 2nd
WIN Max Ringstrom (BK Pan), tech. fall 8-0
WIN Edward Skog (Ostervala AK), 9-0
WIN Sebastjian Lundell (Vasteras BK), tech. fall 8-0
WIN Anton Ritola (BK Snar), tech. fall 8-0
WIN Calle Norgerg (Heby BK), 6-1
WIN Leon Rylander (Enkopings BK), pin
LOSS Erik Soini (Huddinge BK), tech. fall 3-14

100 kg - Cohlton Schultz, Highlands Ranch, Colo., champion
WIN Fardin Anosheh (BK Atlas), 3-3
WIN Hendrik Kalme (Team 2016 Tallinn Open), pin
WIN Arvi Savolainen (Team Savolinen), 4-