The U.S. Freestyle and U.S. Greco team have joint training camp in Colorado Spring

Grecco freestyle training

The U.S. Freestyle and U.S. Greco team have joint training camp in Colorado Spring

This past week with the U.S. freestyle team in Colorado I had the honor to run three workouts. What? Greco teaches freestyle? Yes, I wrestled my share of FS and won a couple national titles. Also a senior Pan-Am Gold medal, but that’s not why I was asked to run a few training sessions.


Greco wrestlers have a deeper and richer understanding of some particular positions. In layman’s terms the clinch position. For us wrestling guys controlling and clearing tie-ups, 2-on-1’s and under-hooks. How to not just clear a tie-up but to clear and put your body in a position to score. We also spend quite a bit of time in the Parterre position working on gut defense.


It was an absolute honor to have the opportunity to work with not just some of the best guys in the country but also some of the best wrestlers in the world. These guys are the best in world because they are humble students that are hungry to improve and get better. The positions we worked on is not necessary even where these guys want to be, but they understand that they will be forced into these positions and they are willing to be uncomfortable to get better. What an incredible way to approach your craft. You have to understand that at this level in the sport you always need to be adding and improving your techniques to stay ahead of the competition.


The freestyle athletes I got to work with were so grateful and appreciative. The Greco athletes enjoyed the joint training and I know the FS guys found a whole new level of respect for the Greco wrestlers. What a blast! One team training together, The U.S. Wrestling Team.


Young wrestlers can learn these skills and positions early if they are humble enough to wrestle Greco. If Jordan Burroughs, Kyle Dake, Kyle Snyder, Jake Herbert and Tony Ramos and the rest of the freestyle national team can do it why not you.


For some wrestlers they are fearful they may get beat in Greco or the tie-up positions. They run away, literally and metaphorically. Personally, I love being in uncomfortable situations. That is where I know I can learn and grow. If you want to become a better wrestler, listen to the top Freestyle athletes.

“Learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable”

Coach Matt